Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to An Emt’s Blog

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Welcome to An Emt’s Blog. It seems like most blogs start off the same lame way. Well, I guess I’m not that much different. I do have a few things to tell you about before I really start blogging. I have several reasons for writing this blog. Many of them you’ve heard before.

The first reason is a selfish one. I need an outlet to express some of the things I go through. I also think there is a lot of humor out there people will enjoy. I know many of you are in school or are considering EMT training. You might find the stories here helpful so you can know what to expect, or use them in a training scenario.

In the future I will provide free EMT training scenarios on this site. These will help you practice and study in your emergency medical technician classes.

Now for a disclaimer. A career in EMS provides a lot to write about, but I do need to be careful. To protect myself and my patients, I will be leaving out a lot of details. I will not be exposing my identity. I will not be giving details of the location where I work, or the company/county I work for. I will provide no details of a patient’s identity. Many of the stories I tell here will be fictionalized. I will present them as fiction or “mostly fiction” so I can protect myself and them. All stories will have a disclaimer at the top expressing this.

Why am I telling you this? There is a federal law called HIPPA. One of the purposes of HIPPA is to protect a patient’s privacy. I will tell you that I consider myself a big patient advocate. Even without HIPPA I would do my best to protect patient privacy. Click Here to learn more about HIPPA.

Now that I have all of this out of the way the rest of my posts can be fun and or educational. I hope you enjoy it.

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