Monday, January 3, 2011

Do's and Don'ts When Shopping for EMTs

Well, it’s a little over a week since Christmas. When you’re an EMT, paramedic, firefighter or cop, you probably received some gifts related to your profession. Some of these gifts are good, and some… not so good. I’m going to go ahead and write about this because my family doesn’t read this blog.

I received two EMT t-shirts. I will have to wear them at some point, but I don’t really want to wear them in public. I will tell you flat out… I’m a nerd… I’m a dork… But I can’t wear a shirt with a picture of an ambulance that says “Big Toys For Big Boys.” Mom meant well, but it’s too dorky even for me. I will just wear it under my uniform shirt where no one will ever see it.

It occurs to me that EMTs and paramedics are as hard to shop for as anyone else. So I’m going to take a minute to give you:

Do’s and Don’ts When Shopping for an EMT or Paramedic

Here is a perfect example of a gift most EMT's wouldn't want. I know a few EMTs with an attitude, and I know they would want this...

If you do know an EMT who would wear this, do him or her a favor. Don't buy it.

Here's another item most of us wouldn't want:

Here's a shirt I really wouldn't want to receive

No here are the types of things we do like. Great gifts for EMTs and paramedics are things we can acually use. We like simple clothes we can wear to work or out and about. We would prefer that these items not provide any reason for our coworkers to make fun of us.

Here is a simple crew shirt most of us would wear to work.

Cold weather gear is always a great gift for an EMT or paramedic.

I got this hat for Christmas, and I've already put it to good use. It looks good and goes with any dept. uniform.

If the EMT or paramedic you love works for a dept. that doesn't provide rain gear, this would be a great buy.

Here is a watch that would be a great gift for an EMT or paramedic.

In short, a great gift for an EMT or paramedic is a gift that has the star of life on it, and doesn't contain a goofy slogan.